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A rainy Austin morning

By Ben Werdmuller

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March 11, 2012, 3:00pm


I'll give it a happy 4...then he can shoot for the 5. That's more than I get on any of my videos....I don't even get comments. Boooohoooooo

Jade Kurian Posted 3518 days ago

I wanted to give you room to grow. How could you nail 5 stars on the first try? Where would the future motivation come from? I was really thinking about your future growth when I gave you 3 stars, but the rest of the team is welcome to grow your rating!

Paul Adrian Posted 3518 days ago

Only three stars! Everyone's a critic.

Ben Werdmuller Posted 3518 days ago

Ben is in town. Hooray! All is well with the world.
...and as far as I'm concerned, rain is always good news.

Paul Adrian Posted 3518 days ago

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